A recent Commercial Appeal article covered the increasing calls for a Conviction Integrity Unit to be established in Shelby County. Similar units exist all over the country, including Nashville, where past injustices and mistakes are overturned on a regular basis.

Steve Mulroy is among the many public figures who have come out in support of establishing a Conviction Integrity Unit. Under current DA Amy Weirich, the Shelby County court system has come under increased criticism from local and national activists in response to prosecutorial misconduct, wrongful convictions, and discriminatory sentencing.

Steve was quoted in the recent Commercial Appeal article as praising the Davidson County Conviction Integrity Unit in Nashville, and explaining why it’s so desperately needed in Shelby County.

“We all benefit when these past injustices are uncovered and corrected,” Steve explained. “Not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it will restore public confidence in the fairness of the system, which is currently really lacking in Shelby County and which we need if we’re going to get violent crime under control.”

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