The Guardian published an article revealing new evidence that undermines the case against Pamela Moses sentenced to 6 years in prison for a voting error.

Previously, Steve stood outside of 201 Poplar with others protesting the sentencing.

Now, The Guardian spoke to Steve about Pamela Moses’ treatment.

After W Mark Ward, the judge who sentenced Moses, told Guardian reporters that her actions were like posing as someone else while taking money from a bank.

The article says:

“Steven Mulroy, a law professor at the University of Memphis who specializes in criminal and election law, told me he didn’t think that analogy was appropriate.

“She was honest about who she was, and she knew that probation would check her records,” said Mulroy, who is also running for district attorney. “A better analogy would be the central bank branch said she had insufficient funds for a check; she doubted it and thought it might be a mistake. She went to her actual bank branch, who checked their records, said she had sufficient funds, and issued her a money order which she then tried to cash.””

You can read the full Guardian article here.