Pamela Moses, who was convicted to six years of prison for voter fraud, was recently released after her conviction was overturned.

This comes after many criminal justice reform experts, activists, and advocates — including Steve Mulroy — criticized Moses’ sentencing, and even protested outside the jail in the cold.

Steve told the Memphis Flyer that “Amy Weirich was wrong to bring this case, and wrong to ask for felony prison time, in the first place.

The Guardian came out with an article last week discussing “why Moses’ case attracted so much attention … why that six-year sentence struck such a nerve.

The answer? Overly harsh punishments for Black Americans.

Steve was quoted, saying: “‘It illustrates the immense discretion that prosecutors have,’ said Steven Mulroy, a law professor at the University of Memphis and a Democrat who is also running for district attorney. ‘It raises the real spectre that at least implicit bias is factoring into these discretionary decisions.’”

You can read the full Guardian article here.