(Andrea Morales / MLK50)

MLK50 prepared a list of questions to Steve Mulroy and his Republican incumbent opponent Amy Weirich. While Mulroy emailed his answers in response, Weirich did not respond, so MLK50 used public statements as a guide to her stance on various issues.

The article discusses an array of topics about the criminal justice system ranging from gun violence to marijuana possession and abortion rights.

For example:

“How do you think about trying children as adults?

Weirich: Weirich defended the practice in an interview with the Commercial Appeal in February, saying it is reserved for the worst offenders and necessary in seeking justice for the families of victims. ‘The ones that are being transferred are the juveniles who are killing, raping, robbing and who have been in and out of the system before,’ she said.

Mulroy: ‘There should be a strong presumption against it absent extreme circumstances. Currently, Shelby transfers more juvenile defendants to adult court than all other Tennessee counties combined, with 95% of them being Black. This is unacceptable.

‘The data shows that youth offenders sent to adult prison are at high risk for sexual assault and suicide and become more likely to reoffend once released. So our current practice is both deeply inhumane and counterproductive from the standpoint of crime reduction.'”

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