At the end of February, The Memphis Flyer released an article announcing that Pamela Moses, who was convicted to six years of prison for voter fraud, had her conviction overturned.

The surprising announcement came from incumbent District Attorney Amy Weirich’s office, blaming the mistake on the Tennessee Department of Correction, and referencing “political opportunists” discussing the case publicly.

The Flyer commented:

“The reference to “political opportunists” may have been a reference to one of Weirich’s declared opponents in this year’s elections, former County Commissioner and University of Memphis law professor Steve Mulroy.

Mulroy, who in his campaign has frequently alluded to judicial sanctions of Weirich for misconduct and to overzealous prosecutions, was in the group of protesters who braved sub-freezing weather and storm conditions two weeks ago to mount a protest of the severity of Moses’ sentence outside 201 Poplar.

Steve responded to this development, stating the following:

“The NAACP, Memphis For All, and other citizens protesting this case are not ‘political opportunists.’ More important: Amy Weirich was wrong to bring this case, and wrong to ask for felony prison time, in the first place. This latest development just compounds the wrong. It’s yet another example of key evidence suddenly materializing after the fact. If it happens once, it’s a mistake. Over and over again, it’s a deeply troubling pattern, and further proof why we need a new DA.”

You can read the full Memphis Flyer article here.