(Mark Weber/The Daily Memphian)

The Daily Memphian reported the results of Tuesday night’s primary the day after the election:

Complete, unofficial results:

Mulroy: 22,123
White: 15,876
Harris: 10,055

The Daily Memphian‘s Julia Baker also reported: “Mulroy and his supporters watched the live results while singing karaoke and watching the Grizzlies game from his campaign headquarters, which he shares with Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris, in Poplar Plaza at Highland Street and Poplar Avenue. He was endorsed by Harris, who is a former colleague of Mulroy’s at Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law.

‘More than 10 years ago, he ran for County Commission – flipped the commission from Republican to Democrat,’ Harris said during a speech at their shared headquarters. ‘He did it the old-fashioned way. He did it the Democratic way. … He doesn’t tire, he doesn’t give up. He doesn’t stop. And right now he has his eyes and focus set on flipping another seat in Memphis, and Shelby County. I think he can.’

Mulroy, a law professor and former County Commissioner, civil rights lawyer, defense lawyer and prosecutor, said he wants to diversify the DA’s office to make it more representative of the population and find alternative sentencing for nonviolent offenders. 

He, as well as the other candidates, has also said he is against truth in sentencing, a new Tennessee law that essentially eliminates parole or probation for most violent crimes.

Like the other candidates, Mulroy also believes fewer juveniles need to be charged as adults and said the office needs to ‘treat kids as kids.

He said Weirich’s administration has had a record number of prosecutorial misconduct and ethical violations and he hopes to overturn her administration.”

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