On March 1, the Daily Memphian reported:

“Democratic candidates for Shelby County District Attorney, Steve Mulroy (second from left) and Janika White (fourth from left), stand with criminal justice advocates (from left) Cardell Orrin, Tikelia Rucker, Josh Spickler and TaJuan Stout Mitchell outside 201 Poplar … call[ing] for unity to bring change to the criminal justice system and to defeat incumbent Amy Weirich.”

“Weirich, if re-elected, will be on the job until 2030.

Those gathered Monday agreed 2030 is too long to have Weirich as the top prosecutor in Shelby County. They criticized Weirich’s push for more truth-in-sentencing laws and her office’s transfer of mostly Black children to adult court.

They also pointed to a 2017 Harvard study that ranked Weirich’s office as the highest in the state for prosecutorial misconduct.

“Mulroy, a University of Memphis law professor and former Shelby County Commissioner, said the three Democratic candidates must unite to defeat Weirich.

‘I think any fair-minded voter, regardless of party, has to acknowledge that what we’ve been doing for the last 10 years has not been working, and we desperately need change,’ Mulroy said.

‘We’re here today to say that the need for reform transcends any one individual candidate’s ambition, and so we are not going to work against each other during the primary and we are going to work with each other in the general to bring reform to criminal justice in Shelby County.'”

You can read the full Daily Memphian article here.