Early February, The Memphis Flyer released an article highlighting the Shelby County District Attorney race and describing Steve Mulroy as incumbent Amy Weirich’s “most likely Democratic opponent.”

The article touched on various policy issues that both Steve and his opponent have discussed during their fundraisers.

“Mulroy has been getting in the first licks, never failing to call attention to Weirich’s periodic sanctions for judicial misconduct by the Tennessee Supreme Court, by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, and by the ethics panel of the Tennessee bar,” the article says.

It continues: “At a pair of fundraisers he held this past week … he scourged Weirich for what he sees as her undue emphasis on locking offenders up as hype arrest statistics and her failure, as he said in his announcement remarks, to pursue “a conviction review unit like one now operating in Davidson County, an emphasis on justice rather than simply winning verdicts, sequestration of juveniles from adult offenders, and reform of what he called ‘bail inflation.’”

The article also highlights that Steve “sees flexibility in incarceration procedures as ways both of applying pure and fair-minded justice and avoiding the indiscriminate long-term pile-up of bodies that, he says, turns prisons into crime schools.”

To read the full article, visit the Memphis Flyer’s website.

And click here to learn more about Steve’s platform on criminal justice.