On February 27, the Commercial Appeal published an article discussing “truth in sentencing,” which requires “violent criminals to serve a specific percentage or even the entirety of their sentences without the possibility of parole.”

Some Shelby County leaders – including the incumbent District Attorney – advocate for these harsh restrictions.

But as criminal justice reform experts will tell you, “There is very little evidence that crime is reduced when sentences are lengthened or opportunities for parole or compassionate release are restricted…”

According to these experts, these laws “diminish judicial control, take away incentives for good behavior and contribute to overcrowded and understaffed prisons.”

Steve Mulroy agrees with these criticisms. The article says:

“We will be spending tens of millions of dollars more on warehousing people for longer while taking away any incentive for them to rehabilitate and that is not going to solve our crime problem,” said Steve Mulroy, an attorney and University of Memphis professor running as a Democrat for district attorney general. “It’s another example in my view of Weirich doubling down on the same lock them up throw away the key indiscriminately tough policies that have not worked over the last 10 years.”

You can read the full Commercial Appeal article here.