Steve Mulroy primary victory
(Christine Tannous, The Commercial Appeal)

And the results are in! Steve Mulroy won the Shelby County primary election to become the Democratic nominee for District Attorney. He will be facing Republican incumbent Amy Weirich in the general election in August.

The Commercial Appeal reported: “‘I’m really glad this part is over with and I’m looking forward to a robust general election campaign,’ Mulroy said Tuesday night. ‘We can’t keep doing things the way we’ve been doing them. It’s time for a change. (The voters) need to keep an open mind about new approaches that have been proven to work in other cities to make the system fairer and also bend the curb on violent crime.'”

“Mulroy has been on the law faculty at the University of Memphis since 2000, teaching constitutional law, criminal law, criminal procedure, civil rights and election law, according to the school’s website. He is a former civil rights lawyer for the U.S. Justice Department and a former federal prosecutor. He tried a number of voting rights cases which went to the Supreme Court, multi-million dollar lending discrimination and redlining cases, and bench and jury criminal cases before federal district courts and U.S. Circuit appellate courts…”

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