A recent article from Slate magazine is another in a long line of national headlines that single out Shelby County DA Amy Weirich as one of the most controversial DAs in the country. Weirich, according to the article, has been “credibly accused of committing misconduct for nearly 20 years.”

The article, which reports on the recall elections facing a number of progressive DAs around the country, mentions Weirich’s as one example of an overzealous and discriminatory DA office that is, hypocritically, facing no such recall effort.

What the article fails to mention, however, is that Weirich is facing what will be a “hotly contested race” this summer against a number of Democratic candidates.

While former federal prosecutor and civil rights lawyer Steve Mulroy is the clear frontrunner, the candidates have all vowed to unite around the nominee in the general election.

What’s important is that Shelby County elects a progressive DA of its own this August, one that will make headlines for reform efforts and a reduction in violent crime, rather than unethical conduct and racial discrimination.