In March, a group of criminal justice reform and racial equity advocates called for an independent auditor to investigate racial discrimination in the Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich and her office.

The call came on the heels of the controversial sentencing of Pamela Moses, a local Black Lives Matter activist who was sentenced to six years in jail all for registering to vote. Last month, her conviction was overturned, and she was released.

Advocates calling for this critical audit include Dawn Harrington with Free Hearts, Natalie McKinney with Whole Child Strategies, Cardell Orrin with Stand for Children, Tikelia Rucker with Memphis for All, and Josh Spickler with Just City.

Steve protesting Pamela Moses’ voting fraud sentence outside 201 Poplar in February.

Steve Mulroy was among the many local leaders who spoke out against Moses’ sentence in February, pointing to it as yet another example of Weirich’s pattern of unreasonably harsh sentencing and racially discriminatory policies.

When further evidence came out that resulted in Moses’ conviction being overturned, Steve was quoted in the Memphis Flyer:

Amy Weirich was wrong to bring this case, and wrong to ask for felony prison time, in the first place. This latest development just compounds the wrong. It’s yet another example of key evidence suddenly materializing after the fact. If it happens once, it’s a mistake. Over and over again, it’s a deeply troubling pattern, and further proof why we need a new DA.”

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