Jackson Baker wrote about Steve Mulroy in his latest article about happenings around town.


The commissioner was parking his car in a Second Street garage last Thursday when he was approached by a man whom he took to be an attendant asking him for a $10 parking fee. Mulroy fished a twenty out of his wallet and handed it to the man, expecting change.

Instead, the “attendant” took off running, and Mulroy, realizing he’d been had, got out of the car and ran after him. (The commissioner is a regular runner and has almost regained the competitive racing level he maintained before donating a kidney last spring.)

The chase went in and out of alleys and ended up on Main Street, where Mulroy and three helpers — restaurant workers along the way, who happened to see what was going on and joined in — cornered the thief and, after convincing him that his escape route was blocked, persuaded him to return Mulroy’s money.

He eventually did, but only after first making the claim that the twenty had somehow gone missing and offering Mulroy — wait for it — two dollars, which he handed over. After the thief finally gave up and returned the twenty, he had a sudden thought and gave voice to it: “Hey, give me my two dollars!”

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