• Move county government in a more progressive direction—aggressive anti-poverty efforts, respecting workers’ rights, addressing inner city problems, welfare-to-work—a return to the kinds of progressive initiatives of the Bill Morris Administration.
  • Establish county funding for Pre-K, partnering with state, City, and private sources to move toward universal pre-K.
  • Push for consolidation in cooperation with Mayor Wharton, including both transitional “functional consolidation” of joint County-City services, and a plan to use legal and political means to move toward full consolidation of City and County government
  • Implement an aggressive urban blight agenda with
  1. Reimbursable grants for “tax dead” properties (where unpaid taxes are greater than the property’s value
  2. A revolving home/rehab loan fund to subsidize development in blighted areas
  3. “Cash for Tires” to incentivize neighborhood self-clean-up efforts
  4. Inner city commercial revitalization – The same tax freezes, low interest loans, and incentives that have been used downtown should be available to redevelop blighted inner-city and county areas where the tax base has eroded

These initiatives will make money for the county by putting properties back onto the tax rolls!

  • Be a better partner with the City of Memphis and the suburban cities, including more cooperation with Mayor Wharton on auto emission inspections, rescuing the animal shelter, and having Memphis police provide security for Memphis schools, along with joint purchasing agreements with all Shelby cities to save tax dollars
  • Save tax dollars while advancing progressive policies by implementing progressive county efficiency study recommendations (energy efficiency, alternatives to incarceration, employee wellness programs, etc)