It’s been three years since I was elected to the District 5 County Commission seat. In that time, I have gotten to know and respect my fellow Commissioners, both Democratic and Republican, and have worked hard to achieve consensus on that body. [Click here for media.]
Since that time, I have:

  • Authored and passed a Living Wage ordinance and a Prevailing Wage ordinance to help workers earn a decent living, and an important Nondiscrimination resolution, the first of its kind in Tennessee.
  • Been a key author and leader in crafting a tough new Ethics Ordinance policing the behavior of government officials, and in drafting legislation cracking down on the abuses of the strip clubs and other adult businesses.
  • Worked hard to promote racial and ethnic diversity in our county government and contracting.
  • Along with the Wharton Admnistration, helped lead the overhaul of our county’s ambulance/EMT corps, which has resulted in dramatic improvements in all emergency response services.
  • Generally supported Mayor Wharton’s efforts to reduce our county’s debt while (a) increasing funding for crime-related programs under the Operation Safe Community plan, and (b) ensuring adequate funding for education, health care, poverty, and housing programs.
  • Managed to do all of the above without raising property taxes, and coordinated with state officials in setting up the Property Tax Freeze for Seniors